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To establish a special fund in the Republic of South Africa to accept contributions in money or otherwise and whether by way of donation, bequests, or otherwise and to apply the same or the income therefrom to establish a cycad botanical garden on the premises of the Voortrekker Monument which is currently a cultural heritage site in Pretoria, thereby promoting interest in and awareness for the conservation of the indigenous cycad (Encephalartos species).

Board of Trustees

Tilania Lizette Du Preez

Sonja Creighton

Pierre Du Preez


The establishment of a locally treasured cycad botanical garden celebrating the conservation and management of the indigenous South African cycad species (encephalartos).


To communicate with and co-ordinate actions between relevant role-players and interested parties in achieving the conservation of the indigenous cycad species through the implementation of integrated objectives and to enrich life by sharing the beauty of gardens, the joy of gardening and the knowledge of plants.


To preserve and safeguard the cycad species native to the area.

Cooperation with role-players and interested stakeholders to achieve conservation goals.

To raise public knowledge about the cycad conservation dilemma, the importance of cycads to society, and the role that the public may play in cycad preservation.

To generate funding from the general public for cycad conservation, permit acquisition, cycad transport, the installation of a cycad nursery, and the construction of water storage dams.

To provide services to persons of all ages, abilities, and financial means; and

To do everything that is required or conducive to that, in general.


Address: 1226 Justice Mahomed Street, Menlo Park, Pretoria

Phone Number: 079 480 4416

Email Address: cycadtrust@gmail.com

Current Botanical Garden

We have a exciting project happening at the Voortrekker Monument. 

Cycad Trust Photo Progress Report 2020
Cycad Trust Photo Progress Report 2022

“I am a Cycad. I saw the appearance of the dinosaurs and their death. I saw the early appearance of mammals. My numbers were many when the Ice Age one million years ago decimated my relatives in Europe and North America. Your mind and your appreciation of me and other animals of my kingdom set you above other animals. Yet you cannot comprehend my antiquity. My strength is in my antiquity and tenacity and you.” 

Charles A. Williams


The Cycad Trust produces and creates cycad-related educational material, information, and activities, which are listed on this page.

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We are building a garden that will outlive us all and create a safe space for generations of families to gather and enjoy the great outdoors.

- Tilania Du Preez


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